General Privileges of Registered Student Organizations

As an official Georgia Southern University registered student organization, the following list of privileges are granted:

A. Eligibility to reserve University facilities, equipment, vans, etc.

B. Eligibility to hold fundraisers on campus.

C. Eligibility to sponsor campus activities.

D. Eligibility to invite speakers to campus.

E. Eligibility to apply for activity fee monies with the Student Government Association (not available for fraternities, sororities, recreational/club sports or university sponsored organizations).

F. Eligibility to publicize sponsored activities on campus.

G. Eligibility to recruit students as members on campus.

H. Eligibility to use the University’s logo (pending final approval from the Vice President of Business and Finance).

I. Eligibility to develop website visibility via MyOrgs.

J. Eligibility to receive discount on services provided through the Office of student Activities and Russell Union Student Center.

K. Eligibility to participate in organizational fairs sponsored by the Office of Student Activities.

L. Eligibility to receive specific individual and group advisement and training from the various departments within the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.

M. Eligibility to receive assistance and advisement from Student Activities for programs and events.

N. Eligibility to receive awards and honors presented to University organizations and members through the various departments within the division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.

O. Eligibility to be listed in University and Student Activities publications, including the Student Organization Handbook located on the web.

P. Eligibility to participate in University events such as Welcome Week, Homecoming, etc.

Q. Eligibility for advisors to receive training and consultation from the Office of Student Activities.

R. Eligibility to utilize additional services provided by the Office of Student Activities.