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The American Society of Civil Engineers is a national organization for those within the field. Each chapter around the country strives to provide many opportunities for each member to learn and grow within the field as much as possible. Here at Georgia Southern, it is no different. Our chapter is growing and creating more possibilities for the members to get involved. Some of these include volunteering with Habitat for Humanity and other Civil Engineering specific organizations, meeting other people within the major, networking with companies for your future career, and research information and possibilities.

The leadership possibilities are another major way to get involved and to make a good impression on future employers. We have many positions available and are looking for responsible, enthusiastic students to help us make this the best year we have had.

Please come to a meeting to find out more about our organization!

This year we have a lot of projects that we are working on. Some of them are Steel Bridge, Balsa Tower, Concrete beam, Geotechnical, plan reading, skee-ball, surveying and more. The projects are a lot of fun and we get the chance to compete with more than 25 other schools in the southeast.

If you want to get involved please come to a meeting and hear more about what we do. We have weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 5:45 in the concrete lab in the Engineering Building room 1104. Come meet with other civil engineering majors that can help you with classes and also work on fun projects for our annual competition.

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