General Obligations of a Registered Student Organization

Each registered student organization pledges itself to the following obligations:

A. Follow the stated purpose of the organization. An officially chartered student organization will not use its official status for any purpose other than its own organization. Sponsoring activities for an unchartered group, reserving facilities, and carrying on business for an unchartered group is strictly prohibited.

B. Use of activity fee monies must conform to the purposes and practices approved by Georgia Southern University. Organizations are expected to meet their financial obligations on time and use the funds prudently and appropriately.

C. Sponsor only such projects that will benefit both the group and/or the University.

D. Practices of the registered student organization shall not be contrary to stated policies of the University. All students and student organizations are responsible for their conduct and are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the standards and regulations of the University. Specific regulations are referenced in the Student Conduct Code as well as the Student Organization Handbook.

E. Any changes in an organization’s constitution after initial approval must be submitted to and approved by the Activities Coordinator for Student Organizations. An updated constitution must be kept on the organization's MyOrgs page at all times.

F. Each registered student organization must have at least one on-campus faculty/staff advisor who is interested in the purpose of the organization and gives counsel and advice to the organization. The advisor must be a full-time faculty or administrative staff member at Georgia Southern University. The organization should review the advisor’s position on an annual basis. Graduate students may serve as secondary advisors only

G. In order to retain “active” status, each registered student organization is responsible for maintaining adequate communication with the Office of Student Activities. Registered student organizations are required to renew their status each fall semester and reaffirm this data in the spring. Any related forms or deadlines will be made available to all student organizations via MyOrgs.

An organization will be classified as “inactive” upon failure to complete the renewal process. Inactive organizations cannot exercise any of the privileges granted to recognized groups. Active status shall be reinstated only upon completion of the student organization renewal process within one year.

Failure to complete the renewal process within one year of inactivity will result in the loss of the organization’s recognition. The organization will be deleted from the files and must follow all new student organization chartering procedures to be reinstated.

H. The Office of Student Activities sponsors certain meetings and activities that are deemed very important to clubs and organizations. These special meetings will have mandatory attendance. Additional details of these meetings/activities will be made available to all student organizations via MyOrgs. Failure to attend a required meeting may result in the loss of the organization’s active status.